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Single Webcomics Wiki ISO Long Term Commitment

May 30, 07 - 2:35

Because Comixpedia.org is important to the webcomics community, and a massive restructuring of its management, direction, etc. is a fairly big deal, I link you all to this.

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I will review comics

May 29, 07 - 11:26

Here is the deal: I have not been updating this blog as much as I want to, in large part because I am foolishly waiting for the blogging muse to sing me her gentle song, and as some of you may know, she frequently comes down with laryngitis.

New plan: I will review more comics. Submit a request for me to review your comic or another comic, and I will do so. Requests should ideally be communicated to me via e-mail, with "Wax Intellectual Review" in the subject line, so that I can easily locate them.

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Dear Internet

May 04, 07 - 8:45

Here is something that there should be. A website which gathers data on what webcomics people like, and suggests other webcomics they would like. I know that Piperka has a feature like this, but more people should go tell piperka what comics they like. The more data it has, the better it will be at telling me what comics I should be reading (and more imporantly, the better it will be at telling other people to read my webcomic).

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