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Terror Island's 100th Strip

January 31, 07 - 8:22
The comic Ben and I make just hit the 100 strip mark, meaning now is an excellent time for you to start reading it. I recommend starting at the beginning.

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January 30, 07 - 11:18

Problems with the WCCAs:

  • Administrative (running things, making changes effectively)
  • Promotional (making people aware of them, getting people to care about them)
  • Professionalism (gah! the website, the voting, the everything)
  • Technological (delays, manual vote counting, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous (communication, participation of the people involved)

Some thoughts on solutions follow.

Maximize Verbosity

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Question about Project Wonderful

January 20, 07 - 11:42

Does Project Wonderful demonstrate that Micropayments do work for webcomic creators in the right context?

I just saw the news that BitPass is closing its doors, and at the same time I've been noticing a lot of PW ad boxes telling me "Your Ad Here for $0.07" or similarly minute figures.

It got me thinking. And I may not be the first to notice this, but it seems like maybe micropayments are have a place in the right model. But, instead of trying to get consumers to pony up 12 cents at a time or what have you, you get the advertisers to do it. Now, I don't know how the financial end of things is working out for PW, but I see it being used all over the place, which leads me to believe it's doing pretty well. Now, obviously it's not all happening in 7 cent increments, or what have you, but is there any reason that the transactions which are happening at the sub-dollar level aren't micropayments? This question is more about my not being clear on what things get packed into the meaning of "micropayments."

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Measuring Success in Webcomics

January 06, 07 - 5:06

Some people, because their webcomic is their livelihood, need to measure the success of their webcomic in terms of revenue. However, if you are a hobbyist webcomicker, or are doing the webcomic as a side project, or the like, you may not be looking for success in the form of advertising revenue or merchanidise or whatever.

If you are in a situation like mine, you are probably most interested in measuring your success in terms of just the size of your readership, and also by treating that as an indicator of how well you are executing your comic, which may be your primary objective. So, as a result, I look at my referrer logs pageview totals and the like somewhat obsessively. And while there is an upward trend, I don't have a good idea of how quickly I should be expecting the audience to grow.

It has been approximately seven months since Ben and I started Terror Island, and we have now between 200 and 250 unique visitors per day (looking at days we update). And while it is totally awesome that 200 people (many of whom aren't relatives or friends who read it simply to be polite) come check out our comic, I'm not sure if those numbers are good or if they are just, you know, meh.

I don't know that I have a lot more to say about this, I just felt a bit weird because I know what I care about; getting a lot of people who read and enjoy the comic, and I have detailed measurements that indicate to me how many people read the comic (and presumably enjoy it), but ultimately I don't know how to use that data to figure out how I should feel about how we are doing. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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