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Blogger(s) Wanted

July 29, 06 - 7:38

I started this blog because when I have things to say about webcomics, they are usually too long to be appropriate for the comments on other people's blogs.

However, I worry that my posts alone are not going to be frequent enough to make this blog appealing to a large audience base. Ben isn't posting so much right now because he is taking a quasi-break from internetting while in Michigan, and I don't think he'll be posting all that much anyway.

As a result, I/we are entertaining the possibility of other writers joining the blog. More details about this, if you are interested are below the fold.

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Webcomics 102

July 28, 06 - 01:32

So, at the Comic-Con, I attended all of the webcomics 10X panels. Prior to Webcomics 102, I had shown a few people some sample strips of my and Ben's comic. Among them were Scott Kurtz and R. Stevens III, both of whom were on the Webcomics 102 panel. Kurtz had some feedback for us that was rather, well, harsh. Some of it I agreed with, some of it I didn't.

Webcomics 102 was on finding your audience. Since it got opened up for questions right off the bat, I raised my hand, and asked what the first step should be. I think Kris Straub said, "make a webcomic", and there were a few other brief answers of that sort (anyone have a recording? I'd welcome a more accurate transcription than my memory). Kurtz recognized me and said something along the lines of "I want to give him an answer to his question because I saw his comic, and I gave him some harsh criticism before". Then R. Stevens recognized me, remembered the comic, and said something along the lines of "I saw that comic, it was pretty good." It was at this point that Kurtz shook his head and made a "not so much" face.

Which is all well and good. I just wish one of them had said the name of the comic or the url, so that people would be like, "hey what was that comic Kurtz didn't like? I'll go look at it" and then maybe they'd like it. Or hate it, but become regular readers.

At any rate, I'm not trying to make a big deal out of this or anything, I just made the comment in the notes for the strip the other day, and wanted to make the story clearer since I'd been asked about it a couple of times.

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WDCC Sketches

July 27, 06 - 01:16
Here are the sketches I got for myself or others at Comic-Con: Maximize Verbosity

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WCCA Suggestions

July 26, 06 - 02:31

I suppose I'll start off with a post on the WCCAs, because I am still working on my Comic-Con posts. Also, I'm not going to talk about the winners so much, as about things that should have been different about the way it was run presented.

First off, let me just say, it is ridiculous that the front page remained un-updated for as long as it did. I have heard tell that there were technical problems, but I don't have much sympathy on that front. Either they could edit their front page, in which case they should have, or they couldn't, in which case they ought to have aquired a different domain name spread the word on where that was, and had a website they could update. Running this show out of the forums is just atrocious.

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SDCC 2006

July 24, 06 - 10:36

I am still a bit exhausted from the weekend, but I wanted to write some things up before they lost freshness in my mind. This post covers three different topics: the conversational awesomeness of Stephen Notley, the advicey awesomeness of Bill Barnes, and the tolerant awesomeness of the Blank Label gents.

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First Post

July 22, 06 - 02:39

I started this blog because I had been reading some webcomics weblogs and the like, and I frequently had a desire to say things. I realized that it would probably be easier for me to later go back and find the things I said if they were all in one place rather than occupying the comments threads on various other blogs.

I have two posts in particular that I will be doing in the near-to-immediate future, one on my experience at comic-con this year, and one about the Web Cartoonist Choice Awards. My often-times cohort, Ben Heaton, is also able to post here, though I don't know the extent of his interest in doing so.

Most importantly, I imagine every other post on this site will be more interesting than this one has been so far.

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Killer Reviews from Space
July 28 - 9:24

The Webcomicker reviews my favorite webcomic, Killer Robots from Space.

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WCCA Ceremony
July 24 - 03:58

The WCCA ceremony has been officially posted.

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WCCA on the rocks
July 21 - 11:23

Kris Straub's witty barbs come in recipe form as well.

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